Touchpico: Turn Anything Into A Touchscreen

The Touchpico will turn any flat surface into a tablet, movie screen, or whiteboard. It is a projector for the modern lifestyle. Without any special boards or screens, it can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen just like your phone or tablet. This Indiegogo project has surpassed its goal of $55,000, and has raised over $850,000 so far! The versatility of this product and its compact, simple design has made an impact with its potential for multi-functional uses touchscreen projector-05 This touchscreen projector can render a screen up to 80” in size, at a 854 x 480 resolution, and at 40 frames per second. The infrared stylus is used to interact with the projected images. The infared light emitted by the pen is picked up by a small sensor on the projector and translated into commands.   touchscreen projector-04 The possibility of making anything into a touchscreen is both helpful and fun. The small, slim device can fit into your pocket and is easy to operate. It can be used as merely a projector for slides, photos, or movies, or it can operate like any other touchscreen device to play games, draw, or edit projects. touchscreen projector-03 Touchpico doesn’t need another device, such as a smartphone or computer, to operate. This portable projector runs on Android 4, connects to the Google Play Store to download apps directly onto the device, and has an SD memory card slot. It can also connect wirelessly to other devices to stream content. The one fault in its design is the battery life, which is about 45 minutes when connected wirelessly with another device. For extended use, an external battery is needed.   Touchscreen projector-01 Sleek and simple in design, Touchpico’s functionality is two steps ahead of its peers. At about the size and weight of a smartphone, and equally as functional, Touchpico is a small device with big impact.   Video:  

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