Touch Board: Turn Anything Into A Sensor

The Touch Board is a device that helps you turn any material or surface into a sensor. With Touch Board, your projects can become super interactive, innovative, responsive, smart and fun. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor 01 A simple version of Capacitive Sensing Technology is used in consumer electronic devices like trackpads and smartphones. Instead of buttons on a screen, Touch Board lets you put your buttons on a table, wall, chair, a shirt, or wherever you decide. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor 02 To use, just connect any conductive surface to one of its 12 electrodes. This creates a sound through its onboard MP3 player, so you can play a MIDI note or anything else that you might want to do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor-03 Packed with smart features such as touch sensing, distance sensing, Arduino is compatible and easy to program. There is a microSD card socket used to change sounds, done by just changing the card and a standard 3.5mm audio jack that works with headphones and speakers. It is HID capable and you can turn it into a keyboard or mouse. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor 04 Shipped as pre-programmed to turn touch into sound, its easy to use as is user friendly. Touch electrode #1 to play track #1. To play track #2, just touch electrode #2. Provided with a microSD card loaded with sample sounds, all you are required to do is power up your touch board with a battery or USB, put your sounds on your microSD card, and connect a speaker. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor 05 You can make cool projects of your own by painting instruments on a piece of paper. You can even make a book interactive, create your own alphabet wall, and much more just with the Touch Board and Electric Paint. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor 06 A Boom Box Kit includes a Touch Board, a microSD card, Electric Paint Pen and Electric Paint Jar, micro USB cable, universal USB power supply, relay shield and three light switch stencils. Touch-Board-Turn-Anything-Into-A-Sensor- 07 Video

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