Total Lockdown: A Multipurpose Lock

The bicycle industry is becoming stronger by the day as many find biking convenient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-efficient. In the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, 36% of the population commutes by bike, leading to the construction of the “cycle superhighway” – a new network of bike lanes. To meet this growing cycling trend, Seth Chiam has designed “The Transit” – a dual-purpose bicycle lock that is able to alternate between two functions when a cyclist parks their bike. SONY DSC The Transit Lock makes sure no one steals your bike while offering a place to put your bags when riding. By using bungee cords to secure belongings from falling off, the Transit can also help take a load off your back while conveniently being a lock! Total-Lockdown The apparatus comprises of a lock and clamping mechanism that allows the cyclist to mount it on the rear of their bicycle to carry a bag while in use. transit-lock-003 The Transit Lock can carry a maximum load of 10 kilograms. It utilizes a key and U-lock to secure the front and rear wheel, along with the frame of the seat. As demonstrated by the multipurpose lock, innovation of bicycle accessories will certainly gain popularity in the coming decade. Hopefully we’ll see more bikes on the road! Total-Lockdown2

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