TOC Go Bag: The Ultimate Disaster Bag

The TOC Go Bag is a well researched emergency pack that seeks to better prepare communities in case of a natural disaster. There are a number of critical situations faced by victims in the aftermath of varying disasters, and this design has them covered. This compact disaster bag includes three separate loadouts, sets of specialized equipment, that meet every need no matter the crisis. The first loadout is filled with tools, the second has first aid equipment, and the last has hygiene essentials. (To read a list of the items included in these loadouts, please visit the company’s Kickstarter page).   toc-go-bag-04toc-go-bag-02toc-go-bag-03 What is most impressive about this product is how much effort went into ensuring that only the essentials were included. In order to finalize its design, the company interviewed over a hundred professionals including doctors, first responders, members of the special forces, and emergency medicine specialists. Such intensive research ensured the pack’s optimal utility without the burden of unnecessary equipment. Additionally, this functional emergency pack is incredibly affordable. If one were to create this disaster bag by purchasing all of the items separately, he or she would be paying almost twice the value of the TOC Go Bag. $225 is a cheap price to pay for safety and security. Thus, this comprehensive design capitalizes on the meaning of “saving” in more ways than one.  

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