Time to Design Award: Scarf-Knitting Clock

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmse is the 2010 recipient of the Time to Design New Talent award. Her intriguing study contemplates the passage of time in her whimsical 365 Knitting Clock. Knitting-clock-05 Focusing on her University of Berlin thesis subject ‘Everything Counts’, Wilhelmsen’s initial curiosity with numbers eventually led to the creation of the knitting clock. This design not only provides value as a clock but clearly evokes an enchanting perspective of time. Knitting-clock-04 What seemingly appears as an unconventional combination of functions, this clock is a practical 24 hour device with an aesthetically refined design. It knits a single stitch each half hour. One completed row occurs in the time span of a day and at the end of a year, a scarf is created. Knitting-clock-03 The spool of yarn, the knitting clock apparatus and the end-produced scarf are what Wilhelmsen poetically articulates as time passed, present and future. The clock’s capacity to tell time precedes its beautiful ability to enhance our contemplation of time and the intangible moments of the day. Knitting-clock-02 Following the 365 knitting clock, Wilhelmsen offered a freestanding version known as the Grandfather Knitting Clock.

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