Tile: Crowdsourced Lost and Found

Are you one of those who have the tendency to lose things like your keys or wallet? Or do you just have something so important you can’t imagine losing? Well, you should read on as this product designed by Reveal Labs may be the innovative solution you’ve been looking for. tile-crowdsourced-lost-and-found-02 Tile is a device that geo-tracks your important things anytime, anywhere. Its small enough to attach, stick or drop into those items you can’t afford to lose like keys, wallet, purse, laptop, bike, or even your pets. tile-crowdsourced-lost-and-found-03 Tile comes with an application called the Tile App, which is iOS compatible and integrated with an online community of other Tile users. If you have you misplaced an item, Tile makes finding it easy with a sensor that tells you whether you are getting closer or farther within a 50-150 ft range. It has a built-in speaker that the user can activated to audibly identify the misplaced item. Additionally, the last GPS location of the item is stored, so the user can start from the last known place. tile-crowdsourced-lost-and-found-04 In the event your item has been stolen, Tile is able to crowdsource from the community of Tile users to locate your item. As soon as your lost item comes in proximity of another Tile user, its most recent location is transmitted to you. tile-crowdsourced-lost-and-found-05 Tile has been designed for things, but the technology could potentially be used for missing pets or kids as well. Video:

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