Thermoco: Coin-Sized Smart Thermometer

Have you ever wanted to track the temperature of a room, the fridge, or perhaps even your body without the hassle of constantly checking a thermometer?  Well, KSolutions in Phoenix, Arizona has made this entirely possible with its latest release, Thermoco, a coin-sized smart thermometer. thermoco_05 (738x494) Thermoco essentially tracks and records the temperature of its location.  This data is then sent to a connected smart device for you to monitor.  Literally the size of a quarter, Thermoco is visually discreet and straightforward to use.  Simply place Thermoco where you would like to record the temperature, download and run the free Thermoco app on your smart device, and just like that you’re set! thermoco_02 Even when your smart device isn’t on, the Thermoco gadget will continue to read and store all of the data itself. Once you power the Thermoco app on your phone or whatnot back up, the information will be relayed to your device automatically. thermoco_04 (738x493) Temperatures can be tracked for an extended period of time, allowing you to compare one day to the next.  Data is conveniently charted or graphed for easy comparison.  Also, whether you’d prefer to read temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, the choice is yours. So if you’re worried that your child’s bedroom might be too cold in the winter, or if you’ve always wondered how your body temperature fluctuates during the day, Thermoco is the deceivingly small yet smart solution.

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