Thermochromic Furniture: Heat Sensing Furnishing

In many ways, we see furniture as tools to be used and often overlooked, but rarely enjoyed. It’s nice to express your personality in buying furniture that you hope to fill your home with, but once a piece settles into your home, it can blend into the background, become neglected, and lose your interest. Soon, a piece of furniture is just an object that takes up space. However, Jay Watson offers a table and chair that improves upon the design of common furnishings by adding a unique aesthetic element. He calls it Thermochromic Furniture and this article looks at Watson’s set of tables and chairs. Thermochromic Furniture 5 Jay Watson is an independent designer based in Oxfordshire who created the Thermochromic Furniture with the goal of giving daily furniture something extra to make them more entertaining to use. That “something extra” is the ability to change colour with a change in temperature. Whether it be the body heat of a person or the residual heat of a coffee mug, whenever something hot comes in contact with Watson’s furniture, it will leave a coloured imprint behind that disappears a moment later. Thermochromic Furniture 3Thermochromic Furniture 4 Jay Watson’s table and chair are part of a furniture line called “Linger a Little Longer.” The table and chair use Thermochromism, which is a term for altering colour with higher temperatures. Mood rings are an example of this property along with more practical uses like baby bottles that change colour when milk is cool enough to drink and kettles that change when water is near the boiling point. The point of Thermochromism in tables and chairs is so furniture can remain enjoyable to owners long after buying it. With Thermochromic Furniture, users can see the patterns of their use on the furniture before the imprints evaporate in front of them– almost like a footprint on the beach that vanishes with the waves. Thermochromic Furniture 2 The table and chair are made of solid European Oak, and the clever ability with colour and heat comes from the coating Watson used. Curtesy of a substance called Leuco dye, which Watson infused into the paint, the light that is absorbed and emitted from the paint is at a different wavelength at a higher temperature than a lower one. Essentially, the dye absorbs heat, and once enough is collected, the pigment of the paint changes with the temperature. This effect is reversible, as once the temperature of the table and chair returns to normal, the colour reverts back too. Thermochromic Furniture 6 Thermochromic Furniture 7 Furniture with dynamic designs like those on television or in magazines are often never used in the average home, but Watson offers a minimalistic black table and chair that could enter seamlessly into most and any home furniture collections. An office space, bedroom, kitchen, or living area could incorporate Watson’s Thermochromic Furniture into their layout because they function the same as any other table and chair, with the added temperature-sensitive ability. To explore Jay Watson’s catalog of furniture in the “Linger a Little Longer” series, visit his website here.

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