The Wabi Sofa: Rustic Swing Sofa

The Wabi swing sofa is part of a series of armchair, sofa and lawn-swing furniture designed by Francesco Rota and manufactured by Paola Lenti. The elegant and neat structure is made of sassafras wood with a hand-woven structural cover. wabi-sofa-001 Treated against stains, the stainless steel seat frame is water-resistant. The frame also bears elastic belts and plastic spacers. The whole outlook is appealing and rustic with an interesting yarn colour scheme. A Protection Winter Set cover is also available, so the product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Wabi-sofa-002 The interesting hand-woven, braided look of the upholstery comes with a waterproof silicone profile covered with rope or Aquatech yarn. The rope yarn comes in solid or mélange colours while the Aquatech yarn comes only solid colours. Wabi-sofa-03 Removable seat and back cushions are made to blend together for both outdoor and indoor usage. These vary in colour and size to enhance the cool look, comfort, and quality, and are available in Luz, Rope T or Brio. To add to the richness of the design, you can add or remove the number of cushions from the seat, but ideally one or two back cushions would be just perfect for the cool look of the product. The Wabi series also features the option of a lawn-swing, perfect and irresistible for lazy afternoons. This beautiful product is supplied with a complete kit that contains the safety certified Rope cords and a fastening system in stainless steel. Wabi-sofa-05 A beautifully rustic and transformative product, the Wabi sofa would be the perfect addition to warm any home. wabi-sofa-004

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