The Ventura Lounge

Imagine the comfort of being indoors every time you lounge in your backyard. Winners of Red Dot’s designer award of 2016, Ivini creates unique, contemporary seating for outdoor relaxation that can double as indoor furniture. Their designs are backed up by a sturdy Batyline woven skeleton frame and cozy Sunbrella fabric seating to provide a modern feeling to any backyard. Prior to this, the kinds of textiles Ivini utilized were exclusively meant for interior functionality, they’ve introduced the possibility of incorporating those into an outdoor setting to maximize comfort. The entire structure is made without any staples keeping the look very streamlined. The Ventura Lounge collection is extremely versatile and covers can be changed depending on what type of mood you’d like to set for your environment. They’re meant to be interchangeable to suit any season. If it gets too cold, bring them on in! The selection includes high-back chairs for privacy or rounded low back chaises for group seating and maximum relaxation for lounging. The entire collection evokes a calm and serene atmosphere through the open weaving textures of the chairs, keeping it light and airy. The cushions are plump recalling the image of clouds thus providing you with warm and snug back support. The loungers exhibit smooth curves in interesting textiles.

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