The Reves: A Chair With Hood

The Reves chair, designed for comfort and style by Spanish studio Muka Design Lab, is a unique chair with a hood. The quilted back flap of the Reves can stand up straight or can be folded down.


Made with an oil-treated beech frame, the Reves Chair is upholstered in two-shades of quilted fabric. This textile is stiff enough to remain upright without any support just like a shirt’s collar.


In the upright position, the back of the chair acts as a canopy providing the sitter privacy. It gives the warm feeling of being in a cocoon or a tent all alone. Alternatively, the hood of the chair can be folded down over the wooden frame, exposing the user to their environment and allows them to interact with others.


The designer wanted to give the user the flexibility and option to use the chair as desired, whether it be as a private tent to read book in peace, or like a regular chair to have fun and converse with friends. This comfortable chair is made by carpenters and craftsmen from La Rioja. They use the local beech wood, the preferred source for furniture in northern Spain. The quilted upholstery is crafted using eco-friendly fabrics by manufacturer Trevira.

This simple, yet unique piece of furniture is comfort made chic.



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