The Polar Pen: Modular and Versatile Stationery Tool

What began as an exercise in developing a pen without the conventional springs and glue, the Polar is the first ever modular-built pen. polar-pen-08 Designed and developed by Andrew Gardner, this pen’s most remarkable feature is its versatile magnetic components that allow it to become a multi-functional tool when taken apart. polar-pen-05 Besides being a pen or stylus, the modular magnets can be rearranged to become a card holder, drafting compass, fridge magnet, etc. – whatever application the user can think of. polar-pen-09 For material, Gardner chose neodymium (Nd) for its accessibility (despite its moniker as a rare-earth mineral) and for its high quality. The magnets do not effect credit cards or jump drives and at 2.1 oz, the combined pen and stylus is a sleek alternative to the usual writing implement. polar-pen-10 It is assembled in Canada and accommodates common Pilot or Uni-ball cartridges. Currently, Polar is available in pure silver or limited 24-carat version. This design is certainly utilitarian, but its true charm lies in the new and innovative applications that users have yet to discover. Video:

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