The New Old Divider: A Minimalist Room Divider

Versatility and adaptability are  characteristics that are not only desired for modern product designs, but are almost expected by consumers. Delivering utility as well as beautiful design is the challenge of contemporary designers. The team behind KIMU LAB have risen to the challenge. The New Old Divider is a gorgeous customizable minimalist room divider with an Asian sensibility. Beauty and versatility are perfectly united with traditional design elements. NewOld_02 The New Old Divider is definitely a statement piece. This divider is a traditional piece of decor executed in an untraditional way, making it visually striking. The three panels of the screen are empty space (no paper or decorative wood), but have matte black fans that can fold out of the frames. Like giant floating polka dots suspended in the air, the New Old Divider is both whimsical and practical. The fans can be folded out to create pretty semi-circles or folded away and hidden within the frame to create different patterns. NewOld_03 This divider is completely customizable, making this design a cut above the rest. The black, Asian-inspired fans make a huge visual impact utilizing simple elements. The New Old Divider employs a minimalistic and tasteful aesthetic, but encourages users to have fun and try new ways of creating space.

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