The Nano Heated Mug: An Electric Cup to Keep Your Coffee Piping Hot

Caffeine is no stranger to any working individual, which is why a great java experience is constantly sought out. Coffee is best served piping hot, but even the most well-designed coffee cups cannot retain that temperature forever. The creators of the Nano Heated Mug have developed an innovative solution to this problem. The mug is designed to work wirelessly and hold a beverage to its original temperature for at least 45 minutes. wireless-mug-002 The product claims that charging the cup once will last at least seven to eight refills – almost four days. The product uses patented heat green technology that allows the cup to heat with a USB cord anywhere, such as your house, your car, and even your workplace. In 2012, the product won the Top Green Innovations Award, awarded by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence. wireless-mug-001 The cup involves the technology of Nano thickness heat generation, which is a heating element that results in high heat generation. The volume of the Nano thickness material creates heat in a large density as soon as power is applied. Low resistance is created so that the cup can draw electrical current for effective heating. wireless-mug-001 There are three variations of the mug – black, grey, and white. The product is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

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