The Hyundai Collection Stool: A Portable, Minimalist Seat

The Hyundai Collection Stool is simplicity realized. Minimally designed, the slim, portable stool is stylish enough for the home and easy to take on the go. Daylight Design Inc. created this unique seat, which also received a Best of the Best Design Concept Red Dot Award.

Lightweight and convenient to transport, you can slip the stool into your trunk to use on your next outdoor adventure. At home, set it in your living room, bedroom or kitchen to add a touch of sleek, minimalist style. If you wish to store the stool, simply fold it up and stack it on a shelf or stow it in a cabinet.


The legs of this portable stool open at different angles and fold to the size of its rectangular seat. In folded form, the legs tuck neatly under the seat making it effortless to carry or stow away. Ensuring sturdiness and security, a hidden hinge lock keeps the legs in place in both folded and open positions.


The Hyundai Collection Stool couldn’t get any more compact! Its minimalist and portable design makes it a convenient and practical piece of furniture. Unique and stylish, this portable stool is ideal for the home or outdoors.


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