The Explosion Cabinet

New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz has created a cabinet that slides apart in the fashion of an explosion. While it looks like a simple wooden box at first glance, it is actually a modernistic sculptural wooden cabinet, with fractions of parts that slide out like it has been exploded. The-Explosion-Cabinet-01 Dexterously designed, the wooden box has glass ends and a stainless steel base, giving a smooth look to the whole appearance. The design features rows of Maplewood slats. The kinetics of the design is clever and mainly possess a system of sliding dovetail joints that lets the slats be pulled or pushed outward, with central slats jetting out the furthest and adjacent pieces pushing back in towards the centre. The-Explosion-Cabinet-02 A series of slides of the slats can be triggered with just a push from the front, back and top of the box. The design has been acquired by the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and it looks like a frozen mid-explosion. “Just with a gentle push, the rails slide further and further, opening as if exploded beyond the bounds of stability,” said Errazuriz. The-Explosion-Cabinet-03 Exhibition curator Rachel Delphia describes this furniture as “a beautiful, surprising, and confounding work that represents the playful conceit of the master cabinetmaker showing off.” Errazuriz’s other equally remarkable projects include a cabinet inspired by traditional Japanese Samurai armour and a series of 3D-printed shoes. The-Explosion-Cabinet-04

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