The Bradley: Touch and Feel Time

Inspired by the perseverance of Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who lost his eyesight during an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011, start-up company Eone designed a timepiece that can tell time both visually and by the touch. the-bradley-touch-and-feel-time-01 Unlike other watches for the visually impaired, the Bradley is a design that seeks not to differentiate its users. Stylish and highly functional, it is for everyone who has ever wanted to tell time discretely in a meeting or in the dark. the-bradley-touch-and-feel-time-02 The Bradley features two touchable ball bearings to replace the watch hands. The one on the front indicates minutes while the one on the side indicates hours. These ball bearings are connected through magnets which rotate as time ticks on. If the balls ever get misaligned, they can simply be sprung back to place with a gentle shake of the wrist. the-bradley-touch-and-feel-time-03 The titanium timepiece comes with various options for its wrist band: classic stainless steel mesh, leather, or fabric. the-bradley-touch-and-feel-time-04 Video:

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