The Brace Chair

Not all furniture pieces are created alike. Nor is the outcome of furniture production. Designers and manufacturers, in general, will offer a different style, a different method of production, or maybe an additional feature. But the basic function of furniture doesn’t usually change. Looking at a chair, where the function is providing a seat, one can determine that a major part of owning a chair will serve not only the function of having a seat to sit on, but also the aesthetic of it. A designer, Samuel Wilkinson, created the Brace Chair, that not only has an aesthetic of curves, but also with a make done through a very economical technique. The Brace Chair comes to fruition through steam-bending wood. Steam-bending is a technique that requires less energy usage comparatively, and a technique that’s been framed with historical merit. Only a few skilled craftsman can perform this technique, which brings it a level of authenticity, not to mention style from the curvatures. Style probably best serves it with appeal from potential purchasers. It is sand-blasted to show its prominent wood-grain markings, and it comes in a variety of finishes including matte and ash ones. Also, the materials used to make this chair are sourced locally in London, England, which also is manufactured in a factory nearby its sourcing. Making the Brace Chair has reduced the scrap rate as this chair is made from smaller blocks of wood. Knowing that it takes a revered technique to make this product, that uses up less energy, making it environmentally sound, is a product to definitely take notice of. This product was featured at the London Design Festival. To find out more about this product, or learn more about Samuel Wilkinson and his other designs, go his website at:

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