Tex-Lock: Textile Bike Lock

Every day, thousands of people ride their bikes to work, school, or simply for exercise. Most people chain their bikes to a tree or bike rack when they leave it outside. However, many bike locks are heavy, cumbersome, and can be cut open with a bolt cutter. Meet tex-lock, a flexible, secure, and lightweight bike lock made of high end materials. Tex-lock is textile-based, making it extremely hard to cut, even in cold temperatures. In fact, in colder temperatures, the fiber resistance can increase. Tex-lock is also light and easily portable, unlike other locks. The rope weighs less than 350 grams per meter, making it easy to stuff in your bag or pocket! The lock sits beautifully on your bike and has a unique feel to it. As it’s offered in a variety of sizes, tex-lock can safely wrap around any pole, tree, or bike rack. Choose from 32″, 47″, or 70″. The material itself is gentle on your bike. There won’t be any scratches or marks. Tex-lock can also come in a variety of colors: gray and black, black and gold, neon salmon, and simply black. Choose the color that fits best with your bike! Each lock is engineered to be dirt and water repellent- no need to worry about your lock in extreme weather. Its multi-layer construction shields from water, cuts, fire, and saws. For more information, visit their Kickstarter or watch the video below.

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