Tertill the Solar Powered Weeding Robot

Growing things from scrtach gives people an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You can grow your own produce and make your home look all the more lovely. No matter if you are a green thumb or a gardening novice, weeds put a damper on your enjoyment. These unwanted plants make you squat down or bend over for hours over the course of the whole season. Fret no longer, for the inventor of the Roomba, Joe Jones, has created the Tertill. Tertill the solar powered weeding robot designed to leave the unpleasantness of weeding behind. The Tertill travels throughout your garden each day and cuts the weeds at soil level. It is solar powered so it does not require batteries. Tertill stores power for cloudy days. It is less active during cloudy conditions and more active during sunny conditions. The Tertill is also waterproof, making the weeding robot fairly self-sufficient and able to be left outdoors during the gardening season. Bluetooth compatible, the Tertill connects to an app on your mobile device to show you statistics about its activities within your garden. As additional assurance, the Tertill comes with a backup charging method via a micro usb port on the device. Standing at just under five inches and a little over eight inches wide, the Tertill is compact and ideal for a variety of garden compositions and layouts. One Tertill unit is ideal for a one hundred square foot garden. Your garden does not need to be perfectly even in order for Tertill to function properly. Equipped with four wheel drive and diagonal wheels, Tertill can traverse soft soil, sand, mulch, and even slopes with ease. Using its sensors it can detect if a path is too dangerous and will not put itself in harm’s way. There does need to be a barrier around your garden to keep Tertill from wandering outside of it. It only needs to be two inches tall. Using a nylon string, the Tertill cuts weeds like a weed whacker does. The Tertill distinguishes between weeds and plants by height. If it runs into something taller than its shell then it avoids it and does not activate the trimmer. If something is shorter than its shell then it activates the trimmer, passes over it, and cuts in near the ground. Although it does not pull the weed out, the weed does not have the opportunity to absorb energy from the sun, so it will eventually use all of its energy trying to grow and die. To protect younger plants that are still growing, there are plant collars provided until the plant is tall enough to deter Tertill. Make your gardening experience all the more enjoyable with Tertill. Keep your garden organic by not having to resort to chemicals to deal with weeds. Tertill will diligently take care of your weed maintenance so you do not have to. It will also not forget to weed as it exists solely to cut weeds. Ideal for all, get your Tertill on kickstarter and enjoy gardening. <iframe width=”738″ height=”415″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/KgRWNSyFS_4?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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