TERA: A Modern Rug and Interactive Exercise Mat

Designed by Lunar, a European design and engineering firm, TERA is a high-tech yoga mat, made of eco-friendly shear Kvdrat wool, which functions both as a beautifully designed carpet and interactive exercise mat. tera-a-modern-rug-and-interactive-exercise-mat-02 TERA aims to redefine home fitness, while also complementing any living room space with a touch of style and elegance. The mat’s intelligent surface is embedded with sensors and color-coded LED lights that work in sync with the TERA app to detect movements of its users and guide them through various types of exercises, including yoga, pilates, and Thai Bo. tera-a-modern-rug-and-interactive-exercise-mat-04 The circular shape of the mat is designed to take into account the natural radius of human motion, making the flow of movements easier and seamless. tera-a-modern-rug-and-interactive-exercise-mat-02 The intuitive TERA app connects with the mat’s sensors to accurately detect the user’s body and weight shifts, and works in conjunction with the mat’s innovative LED lighting system to show users how to perform various exercises—correctly and safely, from one move to the next. But the LED lights don’t just serve as a constellation of guiding lights. TERA’s LED patterns also track and analyze your movements into the app, and allows you to share your recorded data on social media networks. tera-a-modern-rug-and-interactive-exercise-mat-01 TERA is still at the concept stage, and is part of a series of home exercise concepts by LUNAR, which include the VELA cycle trainer and the NOVA climbing wall—product concepts that aim to blend fitness equipment into a modern home space. View the video below to see how the TERA mat and app work harmoniously together to create an immersive home exercise experience:

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