Tentsile: Tree Tent Hammock

The Tentsile Stingray tree tent is a portable habitat unit that can be safely suspended amidst trees. Functioning as a floating tree house, this unique tent alternative provides a safe accommodation during hikes and camping trips into the wilderness. tentsile-tree-tent-01 Made from a collapsable frame of webbing straps covered with a fire retardant, a high quality UV coating, and a water resistant polyester fabric infill panels, this high quality tree tent can accommodate up to three people. tentsile-tree-tent-02 With three anchor points and the use of tension instead of poles, the tree tent is part tent and part hammock. Its versatility makes it ideal for setting up even in terrains like swamps, bogs, or rocky slopes. Tentsile-tree-tent-03 The access to the tent is gained via a rope ladder in the middle. You are practically away from any wet, damp, or snowy conditions the ground may have to offer. tentsile-tree-tent-04 Inside of the tree tent are three cozy chambers, and the middle is held in suspension and serves as a vestibule an gathering space. tentsile-tree-tent-05

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