Tenikle: Do More With Less

Practicality and style are two things that we always want to have when trying to protect our cool tech, but usually do not get along. As consumers we are forced to sacrifice one for the other, but it should not have to be this way. Hans Dose, a twenty-five year old Californian, believes the same thing. Doing most of the work by himself, Dose invented the Tenikle mount. Allowing you to do more with less, the Tenikle allows you to position your smart phone, GoPro, and other technology the way you need to, when you need to. Wrap or stick the Tenikle in your car, on a wall, or whatever is nearby. For the best stick, attach the device to a clean and smooth surface. The suction cups are so strong that it creates an air tight vacuum that can stick for two or more weeks. Liquids can create an even tighter seal that can last four or more weeks. Each suction cup can hold up to eight pounds, so with the ten available suction cups, there is not much you would want to have on you that cannot be supported by the Tenikle. It can even roll into itself and be compact enough to fit into your bag for easy transport. Available in three colours after their successful Kickstarter campaign: coral, stingray gray, and lagoon blue, and made with 100% recyclable thermoplastic. The Tenikle can be your solution to all of your on-the-go tech safety problems. Check out their Kickstarter for more information and get your very own.

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