Tempour: The Ultimate Wine Gadget

For all you wine lovers out there exhausted with all the little tools and gizmos needed to serve a great glass of wine, the Tempour is for you. It’s an all-in-one wine gadget that will improve the taste of your wine, keep it chilled, make pouring easier, and allow you to seal away the last bit of wine you couldn’t possibly finish simply and efficiently. Tempour_02 The Tempour is a simple design coupled with a lot of function. The top features a spout and stopper, which allows great and easy storage of any leftovers, and the angled design of the spout makes pouring easier. The spout is connected to an aerator/filter, which rests inside of the wine bottle neck and filters out any residue while adding oxygen to the liquid, improving the flavour. At the very end is a long chill stick that can be refrigerated and clicked onto the bottom. Its stainless steel body ensures that the metal rod doesn’t leave any metallic taste in the wine. Tempour_03 The Tempour’s modular design makes this all-around wine-serving device a great addition to your kitchen. It does everything you need to serve a great wine and impress your friends – except picking out the perfect bottle in the first place. Cheers!

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