Teforia: Modern Tea Brewer

Teforia’s ultimate goal is to create the best cup of tea imaginable. This infuser not only steeps tea, but understands that every tea is different and requires a unique combination of steeping time and temperature. Teforia reads each single-origin tea pod and intellectually calibrates itself to the optimal steeping method. This modern tea brewer makes the perfect cup of tea every time.   teforia-02 By focusing on the sensory experience of the tea drinker, this design emphasizes the importance of taste. Unlike the tea produced by the average teapot, Teforia tea maintains the full bodied flavours that often disappear when time, volume, and temperature are not taken into account. Teforia offers a complex, well-rounded gustatory experience.   teforia-05 Additionally, the aesthetic design of Teforia is visually stunning; its minimalistic appearance boasts organic lines and a clean white finish. The infuser is highly interactive, as its wireless connectivity communicates with the Teforia app on the owner’s smartphone. Recipes can be personalized depending on one’s preference for caffeine or antioxidant levels. Popular recipes can be noted in the app, as well as saved in the product itself.   teforia-01 Teforia seeks to emphasize that experiencing tea is a ritual that anchors the drinker within the present moment. This modern tea brewer recalls that tea has a history of tradition, rooted in many different cultures. This beautiful infuser optimizes every aspect of drinking tea, ensuring that it becomes a peaceful and integral part of your daily routine. To learn more, visit the Teforia website.  

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