Seats: Cushions For The Outdoors

Love nature, but not the dirtiness that comes with it? Luckily, there are ways you can enjoy nature in a modern, contemporary way without compromising any aspects of it. Seats by TEC OUT are durable, comfortable cushions that can be magnetically arranged any way you like- in order to achieve the comfort of inside, while being outdoors. seats-5 Seats can be used many ways and are very interchangeable: arrange them into chairs, stack them, attach them all together, or even line them up. The edges of each cushion are lined with magnets, and can be attached to another cushion to form the shape that is most convenient for you! Each one runs 50cm by 50cm, and is 8cm thick. It’s the perfect size for sitting down, or lying down when multiple cushions are attached. seats-7 Going camping? Stack them up and pack them away! Seats can be strapped together and carried easily from place to place. Seats can be used at home, indoors or outdoors for yoga, simply sitting down, or avoiding wet grass that could soak through your clothes. seats-9 To make each Seat prepared for use outside, each cushion is UV resistant, resistant to abrasions, and water repellant. In all types of weather and environments, Seats are prepared to handle the full brunt of nature. seats-10 Seats come in a variety of colors, in order to appease whatever color scheme works best for you. They are: dusk, sea, soil, cloud, sky, dawn, and grass. Each shade is neutral and easy on the eyes- blending well with nature. seats-12 Wherever you go- camping, to your cottage, on a vacation, or just to your backyard, you’ll be able to enjoy nature firsthand, without any discomfort. Seats provides the perfect opportunity to take your family and friends outside, and dive back in to the world. To learn more about Seats, view the video below!

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