Tear-and-Share: Recyclable USB To-Go Pack

Remember the days when computers were still a novelty?  Before the internet even?  When computers came equipped with mere megabytes of memory?  We’ve certainly upgraded.  Everything is expanding, and as our society becomes much more connected, our desire and need to share information grows too.  Pictures, videos, documents—so many things are online now and there is not a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask a friend to send them the pictures of their night out, or for the notes their classmate took, or for the documents they were working on at the office.  Gigs 2 Go is a unique idea that innovatively aims to help make sharing information easier. Gigs-2-Go-04   About the size of a credit card, the Gigs 2 Go was created by BOLTgroup to help share files on the go and to be a little more environmentally conscious as well.  The Gigs 2 Go is comprised of four USB thumb drives that tear off when you need them.  Depending on the need, each pack’s thumb drives hold a different amount of memory, from 2GB to 16GB.  Great for businesses, the Gigs 2 Go pack can be customized to hold your company’s logo.  Additionally, instead of tearing off the thumb drive to load it with your documents, they can be pre-loaded and given to your client or employees that way. Gigs-2-Go-03 The paper pack that holds the drives is quite unique, being 100% post-consumer recycled product that is inexpensive to produce, durable, and biodegradable, so that when you’ve finished with the drive, you don’t have to feel too bad about tossing it out. Gigs-2-Go-01 It’s a good product for a lot of people.  Easier to share things with the less tech savvy, all they have to do is plug in and click open, or for photographers who can quickly toss their photos on a drive and hand them off the client.  Just tear, and share.

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