Teanoops: 2-in-1 Teabag Squeezer

Teanoops was created by SnU Design to eliminate the mess teabags leave when you brew your tea. We all have those tiny frustrations when it comes to making tea: all of the teabag falling into your mug when pouring in water, the droplets of tea that fall on the counter when you lift it out of the mug to throw it out, etc. Teanoops is a very practical solution for all the tea lovers out there. teanoops-2-in-1-teabag-squeezer-01 The Teanoops stirrer is meant to be used upside down. The handle is used to stir the tea while it brews. The hollow part is an ergonomic grip. Once your tea has steeped, simply lift the teabag over your cup and straddle the string parallel with the handle. Then wrap the string around by threading it through the lateral notch. This will squeeze the teabag into the cup so it doesn’t drip everywhere. teanoops-2-in-1-teabag-squeezer-02 The “drop rest system” is designed to keep a drop of tea when taking out Teanoops from the mug. When you place the tag of the teabag onto the hole, it absorbs into the tag and makes sure it stays stuck on the tool. teanoops-2-in-1-teabag-squeezer-04 When you put the stirrer down on the counter, the only two parts in contact with the surface are both dry. This includes the hollow part of the spoon and the handle end that is covered with the teabag label. This means that the table and counter remain clean. This simple tool will eliminate that extra step in cleaning up after you brew your tea in the morning– or whenever you drink your tea.

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