TEAMOSA: Personal Tea Brewing

Tea is a helpful tool for anybody that wants to be healthier in their daily lives. Great societies, big and small, have been drinking tea and singing it’s praises for centuries. As such, it can be a little daunting. Do you use a bag or leaves? How hot should the water be for a green tea or a black tea? And how long does it brew for before serving? A sister, her husband, and her brother from Taiwan have a solution for you. With thirty-four years in tea leaf production on their plantation, Ming Yu, they have a solution for the newly initiated tea drinker, to the seasoned enthusiast or aficionado. The TEAMOSA personal tea brewing device takes the guesswork out of tea and lets you enjoy your creation. Taking the traditional art of tea brewing and melding it with the advantages of modern science, TEAMOSA Inc.’s creation makes brewing the perfect cup of tea easy. It is not difficult to brew a decent cup of tea, but what makes tea perfect is difficult to control. The brewing time and temperature can make a big difference if it is off minimally. There are different brew times and temperatures based on the type of tea you are trying to make, and even more so if you are combining leaf types. If brewed too hot or too long and you can damage the flavour and health benefits. Even the water-to-tea ratio can vary and affect the tea if not considered. To make all of these factors easier to manage, the TEAMOSA and its companion app offer pre-set programs and provide information for a variety of tea brewing techniques. You can even program the device from the app, for iOS or android devices, to make brewing even more efficient by changing: brew temperature, brew time, steeping time, strength, and cup size. As if all of those features did not make the device extraordinary, there is an infusion chamber to make brewing more exact and an auto clean function for smooth efficiency. With the thousands of teas and their own tastes and aromas, the world of tea brewing can be a lot to handle. The TEAMOSA personal tea brewing device makes brewing the perfect cup of tea a task that anybody can perform. To learn more and get your hands on a life-changing device, visit their Kickstarter.

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