Tayogo: The Waterproof Bluetooth Music Headset

What if you could swim laps around the pool while listening to your music? Now you can with the Tayogo headset! The developers of Tayogo have been developing the waterproof, bluetooth music headset for over a year so you can listen to your music in and out of the water with both comfort, as well as convenience. Tayogo-The-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Music-Headset-02 The headset is waterproof thanks to its superior IPX 8 waterproofing standard. This allows you to be completely submerged 3 meters under water for up to 5 hours. It is also completely coated in soft, skin-like silicone giving you total comfort and wearability. There is also no need to carry around an additional cord to download files. The built in USB connector plugs directly into the computer to charge or download files. Tayogo-The-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Music-Headset-05 The headset comes in lime green, ocean blue and matte black, and includes underwater earbuds, general earbuds, and a USB extension cord. Tayogo-The-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Music-Headset-06 Managing your playlist is made easy with the proprietary app, which can be found on both the Android and Apple store. Create playlists and organize your songs on your 8 GB system. You can also connect Tayogo to your cell phone and feed in via the bluetooth feature, your iTunes, Spotify, and other music apps. You can also answer phone calls. It also comes with an activity tracker which keeps track of daily steps, distance, and calorie burn. Tayogo-The-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Music-Headset-03 Amplify your workout and listen to the music you choose with the Tayogo music headset!

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