Fifti-Fifti: Take-Off Light

The fifti-fifti take-off light is a new take on room lighting! Fifti-Fifti-Take-Off-Light-04 These steel lamps are amazingly customizable: when you receive your fifti-fifti, you can poke holes through the included lazer-perforated papers in order to decide where you would like light to pass through. Fifti-Fifti-Take-Off-Light-01 This means that you have the freedom to decide exactly how you would like your lamp to look. Infinite options are open through customization; otherwise, the site provides stencils of its most popular patterns! Fifti-Fifti-Take-Off-Light-05 The package, from a German company, includes a steel frame, paper templates and magnets to assemble the lamp; however, bulb, socket, and cord are not included. Fifti-Fifti-Take-Off-Light-03

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