Taiga: The Smart Home Garden

With such hectic lives, sometimes it is difficult to enjoy simple past times such as gardening, or maybe you just don’t have the space to indulge in your natural green thumb. The Taiga smart garden tower is the perfect solution, as it is designed to be a compact garden suitable enough for an apartment or an office. The Taiga tower brings the simplicity of an organized garden into your home, enabling you to grow your own fresh organic produce. taiga-smartgarden-1 With over a year of prototype design improvements, the Taiga tower is designed to deliver optimal features. The tower is structured in an upright design so as to save space, it is approximately 4.5ft, but the height is adjustable as you can add or remove levels from the standard three-tier system. The total maximum height of the tower can reach 5.5ft, which works out to be the equivalent of an 8 by 10ft outdoor garden. taiga-smartgarden-2 The tower also comes with removable and quite decorative plant boxes or pods, so as to organize your plants and to easily transport fresh herbs into your kitchen. The Taiga tower has several features that makes this smart garden unique. The tower has a self-sustaining growth system so it’s perfect even if you are not used to gardening. There is an automated watering system, self-rotation to enable even sunlight distribution as well as a LED spectrum light at the top of the tower that encourages indoor growth. taiga-smartgarden-3 The Taiga tower has internal sensors that monitor the moisture levels of the soil in each pod and activate a built-in water pump to deliver water when needed. The base of the tower holds the water basin, which only needs to be filled once per week and is easily done by connecting a standard garden hose. With the Taiga mobile app, you can personally design a watering schedule for your plants as well as set the rotation schedule for sunlight distribution. While using the app, you can switch between automatic and manual care for your plants depending, on your schedule. taiga-smartgarden-4 Access to the mobile app also allows you to interact with other app users and share details and ideas about the various plants you are growing. There is also access to growth schedules for various plants and flowers as a sort of guide to help first-time users.The Taiga smart garden tower makes it easy for you to have the comfort and benefit of a backyard garden in your own home or workspace. With the many variations you can make to your tower, you can easily grow up to 50 different plants in a compact space. This smart garden is easy and reliable and it is great for either indoor or outdoor use, as it can be easily relocated on wheels. Some of the produce you can grow include tomatoes, eggplant, thyme, mint, and much more. taiga-smartgarden-5 For more information on the Taiga tower, check out their campaign page on Indiegogo.com and get growing.

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