Symbiotic Objects: Human And Object Relations Redefined

In this world of ease and urgency, it ‘s easy to treat things around us as tools. Objects can indeed be tools, but by only seeing things in this way we make everything disposable. With issues surrounding consumerism and the environment, a product’s sustainability helps keep things out of landfills and in our possession for longer. For one of his assignments for Central Saint Martins, Xiang Guan designed a set of symbiotic furniture to redefine this mentality of using and disposing. symbiotic At first glance, Guan’s designs seem strange, uncomfortable, and unlikely to function. In actuality, his pieces take a little getting used to in order to be appreciated. This appreciation is the whole point of Guan’s designs. By feeling closer to our possessions, he believes that we can take better care of our belongings. In doing so, he has created an interactive relationship between the user and object. Without making contact with a person, the object cannot function; and without the object, the person cannot fulfill their task, furthering the sense of a symbiotic relationship. Guan created the need for a relationship with his furniture by having only two legs for the chair and desk. Using leather-covered metal supports attached to the piece, the table is supported by the user’s shoulders while the chair is supported by their lap. The supports can also encourage better posture. When not in use, the objects end up slumped on the ground. Slumped on the ground, the inanimate object elicits a form of emotional response. Further driving home the idea of caring for our possessions, this collection provides a provocative societal statement. If you do not want to feel a sense of misery for not sitting at a desk, the individual pieces can be stored together. There are holes conveniently located to make for easy storage. Guan has created an interesting approach to combat the issue of consumer product use. We need to collectively change our perspective on using and disposing products. Through his collection, Guan has created something truly innovative and game-changing. To learn more about this interesting design statement, click here.

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