Sy1t Bike Wardrobe: A Bike Rack That Holds All The Little Things

The Sy1t Bike Wardrobe is a unique and modern furniture design and concept. When designers Henning Thomas and Thomas Erven got together to create Jung/ Dynamisch/ Sy1t they wanted to explore complete freedom in designs and concepts. Their unique studio focuses on products, graphic design, photography and illustration, bringing out simplicity at its best. Sylt-Bike-Rack-Wardrobe-001 Handcrafted in Cologne, the Bike Rack is made from solid alder and acacia wood. The clever design keeps the bike clean and shining by keeping it off the ground – up and away. Sylt-Bike-Rack-Wardrobe002 You don’t need to drill or use screws as this rack balances itself by leaning on any wall – convenient when you are renting an apartment. The wardrobe is a convenient and easy way to keep all your everyday essentials safe in one place, avoiding clutter. From keys, flashlights, books, and pens, to hanging your skateboards and jackets or bags, this little rack keeps it all together. Sylt-Bike-Rack-Wardrobe-003 The unit looks like a tripod with long balancing legs and a box shelf at the top and equipped with hooks and key rests. The design essentially saves a lot of space and time while looking simple, yet trendy. Sylt-Bike-Rack-Wardrobe-004

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