SwiTCh: Table and Chair In-One

Designed by Ellen Ectors, a Belgian designer, for Ellesco International, the SwiTCh Table Chair is a versatile piece of furniture designed for comfort and convenience in small spaces. SwiTCh was created to combine a chair and a table so the piece can function as a cushioned seat or a small work space. The transition is as easy as turning over the wooden cube. switch-table-and-chair-03 The SwiTCh Table Chair includes a wooden structure of oak and leather built into a three-sided cube and a leather sphere also built of leather and filled with polyester foam. The entire piece is handmade, ensuring quality and care. switch-table-and-chair-02 The SwiTCh Table Chair offers modern versatility and style to bring interest into any room. Those with small apartments or dorm rooms in need of multi-purpose furniture can expect that modern versatility and style with SwiTCh. switch-table-and-chair-01 With the SwiTCh Table Chair, the possibilities for furniture arrangement in the home are only limited by imagination. What’s most interesting about this piece is its ability to combine with other SwiTCh pieces to make a living space or work area function in many different ways for a variety of purposes. Seating for meetings. Tables for coffee. Rows for watching TV. All of these are situations in which the SwiTCh Table Chair can arrange and rearrange itself to suit. switch-table-and-chair-05   For those of us with little space to work when furnishing, the SwiTCh Table Chair can be a fun solution– a way to make your space functional and interesting. Consider visiting SwiTCh’s website here.

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