Swiss RoomBox: Home on Board

Inspired by the multi-functionality of the Swiss Army Knife, creative designers from misC sport & leisure developed the Swiss RoomBox. swiss-roombox-02 The RoomBox’s “Home on Board” is a modern approach to travelling. It features a modular system that allows users to cook, eat, sleep, shower and wash right in the cargo space of their car. Setup and pack-up take less than 30 minutes with no tools required. swiss-roombox-03 The system is equipped with built-in gas burners, and a camp sink that also serves as an outdoor shower with curtains. In addition to being used as storage, the boxes provide a comfortable platform for two people to sleep on. During the day, the transformability of these boxes allows them to become tables for dining within minutes. swiss-roombox-04 Swiss RoomBox is considered as the world’s smallest motorhome setup and can be installed in most cars without any modifications necessary. swiss-roombox-05 Video:

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