Made By Pen Swaying Floor Lamp

Are you an artistic type of person? Do you feel that your furniture is a representation of the type of person that you are? If you feel that your furniture needs to show an artistic side as well, then you just might be interested in the Swaying Floor Lamp from Made by Pen. The Swaying Floor Lamp uses a spherical, weighted base to maintain its position, even it if is pushed or knocked, so the risk of accidentally breaking this lamp is removed. This was designed by Nick Rennie, an Australian designer. With this lamp, Rennie wanted to create furniture that truly blended into and interacted with its environmental surroundings. The result was a lamp that was designed for both function and perfect form. There have been other attempts at such lamps but these focused more on style despite also having well designed function. The design is surprisingly simple, with the lamp  being made from two spherical forms which are then joined by a thin pole. After that, the bottom sphere is then weighted as mentioned above,  to allow the swaying when initiated but also to prevent the lamp from falling over by accident. The design hides a surprising depth however, since the bottom is made from steel, while the head is actually made from silicone to give better protection and utility. While there have been lamps that tried new things, such as having focused on sensor technology, this one simplifies details for better flow. The purpose of this lamp is to both give an excellent product but also challenge preconceived notions of what floor lamps are supposed to be. This lamp  accomplishes both goals while achieving a minimalist result that is perfect for those who want their furniture to better represent their sense of style and culture. With an efficient LED lighting design that only needs to be touched to be turned on, this lamp improves on all interaction. Other attempts at minimalist designs for lamps experimented heavily, which is not a bad thing, but the Swaying Floor Lamp keeps things simple and  yet fresh. If you would like some more information, please click here.  

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