Swappi Drinks Trolley

The Swappi drink trolley is a beautiful piece of work that is inspired by traditional sewing boxes and toolboxes. The Swappi is a cart that combines the elements of design while providing a functional use to its users. This cart is designed by Spanish architect Omayra Maymó, who is currently based in Copenhagen. Omayra’s work focuses on the emotional relationship between people and objects. The designs are based around the interaction between humans and the physical environment. Her work challenges the forms of regular object as well as the norms of design, and unifies concepts like balance, perfection and harmony. The Swappi is an adjustable and transformable drink trolley that features four movable compartments. These compartments are similar to drawers, and you are able to move them around to change the look of the cart. It is both a piece of artwork and a place for storage. The product itself is made from metal and plywood veneer, and uses neutral colors like mint green and natural wood. The neutral colors allow the cart to be adapted to match virtually any space, and makes the cart appealing to look at. You are also able to move the piece around by using its two front wheels. It is the perfect addition to any living space, small apartment, and work area. The Swappi is great for people that appreciate elements of design, as well as people who just like aesthetically beautiful spaces and furniture. This cart was showcased on Made’s Talent Lab. Omayra has a website that showcases her other work. The website describes the process of creating the work, and explains the idea that the work portrays. The interactions between physical objects and humans are captured beautifully through a lot of her pieces. Check out Omayra Maymó’s other pieces of work here!

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