Suzugami: Flexible Tin Plate

Suzugami flexible tin plate will turn your breakfast, lunch and dinner into an artistic meal. Syouryu has designed a tin plate that can be moulded and shaped like origami. Plus it can be unfolded and is reusable, so you can always start over and create newly shaped plates for each of your meals. suzugami-flexible-tin-plate-15 Like origami, you can create different shapes and figures but instead of paper you will use a square-sized tin. Suzugami comes in four sizes: 11cm, 13cm, 18cm, and 24cm. It also has three different textures: Kazahana, Samidare and Arare. Each tin will turn your meal into a decorative and elegant piece of art. suzugami-flexible-tin-plate-02 By using your folding skills, you will be able to create a distinct ambiance during mealtime. Your friends will be impressed by how many ways you can use Suzugami. It will function the same way as a plate, so you can use it to hold everything from appetizers to desserts plus non-food items. suzugami-flexible-tin-plate-05 You can set the table without using a single traditional plate, since every tin can be used instead. But why stop at plates? Use your origami technique to create centrepieces and add to the theme. suzugami-flexible-tin-plate-01 After finishing your meal, you will be able to flatten it out using a Koro. A Koro acts just like a rolling pin and it will restore the tin to its original state. suzugami-flexible-tin-plate-03 Each Suzugami tin piece is repeatedly compressed, extended and rhythmically hammered, so it won’t wear down after each use. This minimalist design will change the way you eat by bringing excitement to every meal of the day.

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