Suva: Tabletop Tiles With Endless Combinations

Suva is a versatile trivet with a huge message. Designed by Chicago-based artist, Amitai Loew, this simple coaster is practical and elegant. It will keep your surfaces clean, your drinks in a safe spot, and will give a gentle touch of design to your environment. Suva-02 This product is handmade in a studio called Penguin Foot Pottery. There is no mass production of Suva, meaning every piece will be different and made with significant time and effort. The top of these tile like coasters are made of ceramic material, while the bottom is a hand-cut cork that ensures stability and grip. Suva-07 In the words of the artist, Suva are beautiful as individual coasters, but they’re happiest together. You can either use each piece individually to lay a single cup or pot onto or, bring them together to lay larger objects. Each coaster can be mixed and matched ensuring several patterns and combinations available. Suva-05 The tiles are made up of three components. The clay, the glaze which is available in red, navy, aqua, or green, and the cork. Suva-03 The idea for Suva originated from a typical family dinner. There is always trivets around when cooking a large meal, or sharing food around the table. Inspired by his own families electrical trivets, the idea of Suva came naturally. It’s a product that represents wholesomeness, identity, and quality time. Suva-04 These ceramic tiles can withstand high temperatures meaning they will not expand when a hot pot or beverage is placed onto them. Furthermore, they are great thermal insulators ensuring your food and drinks remain warm for a longer period of time. Suva-01 There are no great limitations to what you can place on Suva. The simplicity of its design allows for several functions, combinations, and durability. To learn more about these ceramic coasters or order your own, click here.

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