Suspension Furniture Made from Cables in Tension

Robby Cuthbert introduces a unique range of furniture sculpted and created using no glue, no nails, and no screws. How? Everything is held in place through the tension of cable wires. Keep your books organized with this easy to mount, mahogany and red oak Suspension Shelf. suspension-furniture-1b Support the environment with this Contour Coffee Table, whose legs are cut from eco-friendly Plyboo brand bamboo. The only assembly required is placing the tempered glass atop the wooden base. suspension-furniture-2 The body of this Contour Lamp is made from bamboo plywood, while rice paper shade is used to conceal the lamp’s CFL bulb. suspension-furniture-3 The Signature Lamp (left) and the Peering Lamp (right) are almost like a pair with their mahogany and red oak designs. The lamps contain ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs. suspension-furniture-4 Finally, lounge on this Suspended Adirondack Chair whose seat is suspended by steel cables and leads you to think you’re floating in thin air. suspension-furniture-5

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