Supershoes: Smart Navigation for Urban Rediscovery

Supershoes is what your shoes will become after you attach these insoles that has ticklers. These flexible insoles have vibrating motors under the toes embedded to give you the instructions which are wirelessly connected to the user’s smartphone. Everything the user does to the smartphone is saved as information to the cloud account and this account is where the user has already input his likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, and more. The ticklers give different instructions, such as: left toe tickles-turn left, right toe tickles-turn right, no tickle-destination not yet reached, both tickle continuously-destination reached, both tickle once-recommendation, both tickle twice-reminder. These insoles can also act as a navigation or tour guide that can lead the user to a place he might be interested in but has no idea that this place exists and as a compass that will lead the user to places without worrying about getting lost.

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