SuperMod: 3D-Printed Wall Storage

SuperMod is 3D-printed, modular wall storage that is both functional and beautiful. Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed, the founders of Simplus Design, based in New York, created SuperMod. supermod-07 The storage capabilities of this unique wall system are endless. Acting as a shelving unit, SuperMod can hold anything from books to plants to gadgets to bottled spirits, and a myriad of other household or office items. To optimize its use, place objects inside the modules or they can be fitted in the spaces between them. supermod-04 With modules of various sizes you can customize your SuperMod to suit any room in your home or office. Simply detach and swap out modules to create different shapes. SuperMod also functions as a stand-alone piece to brighten up your space or as a stylish room divider, perfect for an open-concept home. supermod-02 Play around with light patterns by rearranging the modules to generate a variation of shadows and reflected light on the exterior of the modules. Because SuperMod is made of white and red 3D-printed materials, you can position the wall system so light comes through certain modules and produces glowing effects that enhance its surroundings. supermod-06 Add texture, functionality and a pop of colour to your home or office with SuperMod. This wall storage system is ideal for showcasing books and plants or holding your holiday wine bottles among other things. Whether you use it as a decorative structure or a room divider, SuperMod wall storage is definitely a useful piece of furniture! supermod-03

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