SUNPlace Barbecue: A Grill Powered by the Sun

Designers Francesca Lanzavecchia from Italy and Hunn Wai from Singapore have collaborated to create the innovative SUNPlace, a solar-powered grill. The SUNPlace is a modern outdoor furniture set, featuring a circular solid-oak chair and a table top mounted on almost cone shaped barrels of powder-coated steel. The designers have incorporated a lens into this otherwise typical outdoor furniture set, making it one of the most chic outdoor grills you could ever lay your eyes on. sun-place-3 This solar powered grill resembles that of a home hibachi grill, thanks to its flat cast iron surface that is commonly used in the preparation of Japanese cuisine. The grill is neatly nestled into the oak tabletop, which contributes to the overall sleek appearance of this outdoor set. The lens that directs sunlight towards the grill in order to heat it up is a Fresnel lens; this specific type of lens was originally developed for use in lighthouses by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel to project light a far as possible from the source. As you can see, the origins of the material used to create your backyard grill would make for some pretty interesting dinner conversation- a conversation appetizer before the actual food appetizer. sun-place-2 The designers also created a collection of cast iron cooking tools to use with the SUNPlace grill.Their aesthetics pair flawlessly with the clean lines and modern feel of this innovative furniture set, but they also go side by side with the grill in terms of functionality. Because these tools are made out of cast iron, just like the grill, you can heat them up under the lens and cook the top of your meat or vegetables, while the tabletop grill cooks the bottom. sun-place-4 Since the grill and cooking utensils will drive a tremendous amount of heat, Lanzavecchia and Wai have included a pair of heavy- duty gloves for safe handling. The designers have high hopes that this outdoor cooking range will encourage sociable cooking practices- with this unique and eco-friendly backyard set. Is there any other way to spend a memorable SUNday (pun intended indeed) than inviting your friends and family over for a SUNplace barbecue ? sun-place-1

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