Sunscreen Viewer for UV Protection

If you’re someone who is prone to irritation from simple sun exposure and find that sunblock just isn’t doing the job; it might not be the issue of the product but how you’re applying it. Sunscreenr is an easy to use compact viewer akin to a camera that gauges your sunscreen’s protection and coverage. Produced by Voxelight, the minds behind Sunscreenr have seen the struggles of skin cancer first-hand. Their goal was to provide people with something simple and effective to help us protect the ones we love. It’s waterproof, durable and portable. Take it with you on your stroll along the boardwalk, on your hiking expedition or just keep it handy in your bag to know your skin is protected even on your walk to work! Sunscreen is essential for reducing our chances of getting skin cancer. But it can only accomplish half its job if we aren’t applying it properly and liberally. Sunscreenr detects unprotected skin and tells you if you’ve missed a spot when applying and where you need to reapply your sunscreen after swimming or sweating. As human beings, our senses are pretty amazing however the eye can only see so much. THe bulk of what we are capable of seeing is encapsulated within the spectrum of visible light. Hence, UV light goes undetected by our eyes and they are the rays that directly impact us on a regular basis. The Sunscreenr was devised to show you the invisible. A special filter removes all light except for the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs that responds to solely UV light. In tandem with image processing algorithms, the Suncreenr displays an image on where sunscreen is actually on the skin. Skin that appears lighter through the lens of the Sunscreener is more prone to damage from UV rays resulting in sunburns and sunspots. Darker areas show where the sunscreen has been applied. Sunscreenr comes in various colour options: purple, green, yellow, red, and blue to add another ounce of brightness to your day. Each Sunscreenr is accompanied by a micro USB charger and microfibre bag for easy portability and protection. Additionally, it can function as a lens cleaner. We all love to have fun in the sun but it’s important that we protect ourselves as well. Take your sun protection to new levels of coverage.

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