Suli: Your Portable Sun

While we have products like the sunroof to harvest solar energy, the cost of one is not affordable to everyone. This inability to have such systems is clearly evident in underdeveloped countries where its population would greatly benefit from energy harvesting systems. These harvesting systems could convert solar energy to usable energy for their daily lives. That’s why Suli, a miniature solar module, was created. solar module Suli is manufactured with 3D printing because the Suli team believes “that the 3D printing world is the future.” Plus, with 3D printing, the team can design numerous accessories to make this adaptable solar gadget fit into everyday objects. For example, Suli can be used on PET bottles, bikes, bags, plants, and walls. solar module Like all solar harvesting systems, Suli charges during the day and is functional during the night. This portable solar module will create a social and environmental impact and provide high-quality, sustainable lighting. The Suli team’s first project for this miniature solar gadget is to deploy Suli modules to Boutin, Haiti. According to the product’s Kickstarter page, approximately 3,500 people in Boutin live without access to light and water. The Suli team is partnering with America Solidaria, a non-profit organization with projects all over America’s continents, to make Suli a solution within everybody’s reach. Currently patent pending, Suli is a renewable energy source that is affordable and portable. The team’s next step is to continue to develop new ideas and uses for Suli. Ideas include combining multiple solar modules to create one bright lighting system or to make it Bluetooth enabled.

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