The STRYVE Ball: Balanced Aesthetic

Being physical fit plays an important role in our vitality. There are several ways to be active, and you can find different ways to do so. Indoors or outdoors. Exercise balls are one of many which will attribute to an indoor work-out when used and can be used for various exercises. You can try core strengthening exercises, or stretches, or anything really where a body part is stabilized to strengthen or stretch. The STRYVE Ball is an exercise ball, but there are other features of it that make it better than just any exercise ball. The STRYVE Ball will not roll around the room. It has a gravity ball inside so it remains stable unless moved. Because of that, it could be stored as furniture. Also, cleaning it has the same approach as your other furniture as it uniforms to that. Plus, there is a cover that makes it very attractive akin to a high design. It’s white and furry and can make it look very trendy. You can also move this ball with a handle. The handle is a flap that is located on the upper part, which lets one know the correct position for this ball when not in use. You don’t have to roll it and have it move in any direction, you can just pick it up to move. Since it’s filled with air with a smaller ball inside, it’s very light to move! Not only do you work out with it, but sitting on it is highly recommended. Using the STRYVE Ball as a seat is better for you because of the comfort you get, and natural rotation you can sway into anytime. To support this project, go to this Kickstarter page.

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