Stridalyzer: Insoles That Improve Running

One can get a complete analysis on the motion of his or her feet when running using the Stridalyzer. The Stridalyzer is an insole that has piezoelectric sensors constructed inside of it that produce electrical signals upon impact to give a reading in real-time as a graph on an app. stridalyzer-04 Additionally, the Stridalyzer operates under a blue-tooth connection to relay this information to its app. The objective of the Stridalyzer’s creation is to prevent injuries to runners. Information on any irregularities in weight distribution to one’s knees, ankles, inner foot arches, feet (front and back), are communicated. stridalyzer-02 For example, if one is leaning towards his or her inner foot arch in excess while running, then this would be voice alerted. The runner can change his or her stance to avoid the excess stress during movement, and avoid any future complications. A previous strenuous posture would be unknown without the high-tech functionality of the Stridalyzer. The Stridalyzer also measures one’s stride length. The readings give information for the left and right leg individually. stridalyzer-03 Amazingly it looks like a regular insole and it’s very light in weight. It is water resistant and antibacterial. Technology incorporated by the Stridalyzer, where graphs show personal weight distribution to optimize balance for preventing injuries and improving posture, was once only available to professional athletes. The Stridalyzer gives such informative performance analytics at an affordable cost that it is only a benefit to oneself to purchase. This also would be an excellent gift for athletes or runners. The Stridalyzer’s app can be downloaded on Android and IOS phones, and it is available for purchase on the ReTiSense website. There is also a testimonial page on ReTiSense’s website that can assist a viewer with more information.

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