Streem: Amazing Fly-Fishing Rod

Streem Outdoors was born from a group of fly fishing enthusiasts who wanted to share their tips and experiences with others. Their passion led them to make fly fishing accessible and comfortable for anyone by creating a rod that is unlike any other. Streem engineered and designed high performance fly rods, reels, and other fishing products at half the price compared to the leading competitors. streem-amazing-fly-fishing-rod-04 Streem designed their rods so that it would perform to a level of rods that are twice its price. It’s affordable, and has a lifetime warranty. If you break it, they’ll replace it. No questions asked. No fees, warranty cards or delayed return policies. streem-amazing-fly-fishing-rod-01 The quality of Streem rods is seen through the well handcrafted product itself. Additionally, the science used to create a high performance fly rod can master an angry fish with ultra-light sensitivity to improve accuracy for the catch. Furthermore, the science of the Streem includes a selection of advanced high modulus carbon resins and 100% hand rolled blanks. This delivers tighter, smaller diameter rods and that makes them ultra light and sleek enough to cut at the wind more sharply. streem-amazing-fly-fishing-rod-05 The rod also looks as well as it feels. It’s superior with the best cork and hard-chrome stainless stripping guides. You are able to cast the rod like a rocket with minimal effort while easily being able to control the line. streem-amazing-fly-fishing-rod-03 Their passion and willingness to share their expertise with others is a a big part of their campaign, from learning more about their products to choosing the right rod action.  The Streem Rod is one you can afford

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