Stool Nº1

A stool is a piece of furniture that is always inviting. Whether you are sitting while sipping coffee, reading the newspaper, or having a glass of wine, the stool is an open invitation for interaction and relaxation. Manual is a company founded by Craighton Berman. Their newest product takes the core elements of taking time to slow down from the company, and incorporates them into the Stool Nº1. The Stool Nº1 is a beautifully designed stool that invites people to sit down, relax, and slow things down a bit. Manual designs products that are focussed on slowing down, and ignoring all of the distractions of the busy world around us. They started creating food-related products that are beautiful in design, and make you concentrate on living in the moment. With their newest product, the Stool Nº1 is the perfect addition to their line. This stool is very structural, yet still inviting since sitting is the best way to slow things down. This stool is made in the USA, and is constructed with a steel frame that holds a polished hardwood seat. The Stool Nº1 comes in various different heights to accommodate the spaces they will be placed in. The frames of the stool are extremely durable, and they come in black and white. There is an option to add metal disks at the bottom of the stool to attach furniture pads. The seat itself comes in two different materials; oak and ash. The stools are also stackable to maximize storage space! The Stool Nº1 is a well-designed take on the traditional bar stool. It is simple in its nature, and is adaptable to any living space. It is a charming piece of furniture that would be a great addition to any place. Check out the other products Manual has created here!

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